Friday, June 25, 2010

Yet again mana regen

I recommend before you continue reading go to and read this post on the topic I'm going to talk about, which is using Shield of Righteousness for mana regen using Seal of Wisdom.
Zabery did an excellent and very accurate explanation of how it works, in a simple very few lines explanation the whole big deal about it is that SoR has a chance just like melee swings to proc SoW which can mean getting the proc from SoR and melee swing in the same GCD leading us to obtain 8% of our full mana in just one global better than 4% by just mele swing. You don't wanna use it very often like Zabery explained can HURT YOUR HEALING VERY BADLY but it is always a tool to keep in handy when mana is an issue. Also think about it, if you have to DPS the boss for mana is either because you are OOM or because there is no healing necessary on that period of time and if you are already meleing the boss why will you say no to SoR if you can get more mana for the price of one GCD.

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