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Hey lets have a look at what cataclysm has upcoming and under construction for paladins :D
First off altho most of you already know the old 76 point based talent trees are gone from the beta and a new 31 points core talent trees have been added to all classes. When you select what path or spec you want to follow on your character before any points are spent you will receive something called primary skills which will basically help your character fulfill the specific role. I will only go over holy primary skills and talent changes since that's what interests me the most.
Primary Skills:
  1. Holy Shock
  2. Meditation
  3. Healing Bonus
Boom, right out as you click yes I want to be a healer! Ok with the new talent system you MUST spend 31 ( least ) points into the holy tree in order to be able to put points into the prot/ret tree. It is quite easy to come up with a spec something like this : 33/3/5 and sad to say that for a PvP holy is something like this 38/0/3. Ok lets go straight to how "I think" healing will run down for us in cata.
  1. Flash of Light costs way more mana about as much as a current HL costs just a bit more and heals for way more about a non crit HL as of 3.5 12k-14k. It is not affected by beacon which doesn't make this ability as efficient for tank healing.
  2. Holy Light cost as much as a current FoL even less! and heals for a lot less than it currently does. DOES WORK WITH BEACON OF LIGHT!
  3. Well Holy Shock its basically free >.< style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">DOES WORK WITH BEACON OF LIGHT! which makes this a very very useful spell for us not as of right now where is kind of doll.
  4. Divine Light is the ohh shit incoming undergeared tank tanking H festergut after he absorbs blight! heals for A LOT about 21-30k crits for an icc 10m geared paladin. Sadly it is not affected by beacon of light so this is totally something we don't want to spam due to its humongous mana cost.
Those are the basic healing spells ( note that I am not including the new 80+ spells since I have not yet had a chance to test them )

I will only go over the ones that are really amazing...wait that will be all of them >.<

  1. There is no doubt that Judgement spells will be a big deal for cataclysm which it should I mean what makes us paladins? ok so in the first tier there are some interesting talents among these Sanctified Light and Divinity which was moved from the protection tree over to holy.
  2. As soon as we move to second tier we start to get sad as we see Judgements of the Pure got nerfed from 15% haste down to 9% haste.
  3. But not all hope is lost since once we reach tier 3 we get 4 very awesome talents among these Inspired Judgement see i told you judgements are a big deal :D and Beacon of Light Change as well more nerf than change but hey gotta keep our hopes up! following this comes Illumination who now refund mana on EVERY critical strike this includes judgements, crusader strikes every single spell we have and lastly as explained earlier Divine Light out new big heal.
  4. As we reach the layers of awesomeness we face ourselves with out 4th tier and yet another nerf the Flash of Light ( HoT ) is gone for good.
  5. Nothing here but the simple cleanse mechanic that every cleanser class got so not be able to remove magic unless your a healer and you spec in it Sacred Cleansing
  6. Aha enough pain said blizzard in a slow taunting voice its time for some cool mechanics as he blessed us with Purifying Power this is another prove to my statement Judgements will be a big deal again ohh I sure miss those days raiding MC and being awesome. Not only blizzard decided to make us more involved in doing damage and smacking the boss as healers but they also want to make sure we are not selfish with Selfless Healer
  7. Ahh but not all that glitter is paladin... as we face out Divine Illumination yet again we do not deserve such awesomeness as healers lets just give them crit instead. Honestly I am only specced into it because we have to other wise I will find interest somewhere else any ways I just think we won't use this as often.
Well that is about it for now as I get more information I will make sure to get back and edit/delete things that might happen don't forget this is all under beta so I will only give things careless attention. Without further due I'll leave you with a picture edited in Paint to let you have an idea of what happened to the trees original Idea for the picture from red x means either transfer of talents or completely gone from the tree and yellow means it was changed. go ahead knock yourself out :D

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